Halloween 1994

I did have one Halloween party in one of my dorm rooms in college, but after I graduated and had my own apartment, I began having Halloween parties consistently, starting in 1994. There aren't many photos, but here's what I do have. Note the first appearance of the infamous Eerie Eyeballs are there on the table along with the bleeding Haunted Human Heart! This was my first apartment after college, and I was on a very small budget from the insurance job I could find during that 1990s recession. I had made the Addams Family crest by handpainting cardboard in my tiny college dorm room for the movie promo in 1993, so I used that plus my Morticia costume on the walls as decor, along with some spooky movie posters. We did competitive apple carving since pumpkins were too big and expensive for me to provide, and we had plenty of fun costumes, including my original Sally, and I sewed the high-collar red-lined vampire cape and sash for my roommate Jeff, who wore his choir tuxedo for the rest of his costume...Enjoy!

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